about who I am

In the light of day Lumi’s Shadow is Anna who believes in the magic and beauty of the mundane.

Loving nature; all the greens. Finding nurture in connection, communication and exchange. Educator by trade, artist at heart, regarding myself as a student of life while slipping in the shoes of my various roles - teacher, Yogini, writer, poet, painter, counselor, friend...

Find me on a treasure-quest strolling around my neighborhood with a notebook and a cup of coffee counting syllables on my fingers. 

I am curious, playful, enthusiastic and compassionate. My purpose is to be the light and spread light by sharing my joy. As for the creative journey Julia Cameron summed this up by saying: "Mystery is the heart of creativity. That and surprise." (The Artist's Way)

Lumi's Shadow is a platform to bundle and share my writing and sketches, thereby to inspire and encourage others to come out from hiding and to step into the light of our creative and joyful potential. 

If you have any questions about my work or would like to get in touch with me in regards of collaborative projects or exchange, please contact me.

Lumi and Anna